Friday, 16 November 2012

Blog Update #3

The amount of network intelligence is significantly growing and allows businesses to learn about their consumers and to use the information gained to reduce costs in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of company processes and gain revenue in customer relationship management. But some things can be taken to far. Personally, I am protective of my personal information more specifically my:
  • Financial information. I would feel very uncomfortable if companies had access to my bank account (debit and credit card), the amount of money I deposit and withdrawal and the items I purchase. To me personal information should stay personal and therefore the banks should ensure my information stays secure and confidential from any company willing to use it.
  • Medical information. My medical history from dentists, orthodontists and doctors should not be shared to any other company and should remain confidential.
  • My passwords and usernames
  • Geographical information. With the increased popularity of Facebook, I am concerned about the possible use of facial recognition software for gaining information. The possibility of people knowing what you post on social networks, using the pictures to track who you are and using both posts and pictures to target where you and your friends are geographically. 
  • Saved conversations with family and friends on online social media such as Facebook, Skype or MSN chat rooms. 

Personally, I would rather keep my information private, but there are few exceptions where it would be acceptable to use it for my online shopping experience or for my safety. Features such as product recommendations and features that make it easier for me to find what I am looking for on search engines. Technology benefits us all, as long as it is used for the right reasons. 

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