Thursday, 22 November 2012

Blog #4

Between a software engineer and a business analyst I would rather be an analyst. A business analyst is someone who analyzes the operations and design of an organization, in order to come up with solutions to the organizations problems I would rather be a business analyst for the following reasons:

  • One of the jobs of an analyst is to determine the organizations business needs or objectives and then improve the effectiveness of IT in meeting those needs and objectives. I would be good for this job because I am a very organized person and I love scheduling. Also I am in Industrial design and I like to think of new innovative ways to improve in processes as well as being very detail oriented. 
  • I have multi-tasking skills and the ability to balance multiple priorities and keep up with the different project scope changes learned through university. 
  • Good presentation skills, and ability to communicate with various audiences, including end users, managers and member of the IT team. Being in Industrial design, I have good presentation skills and have gained the ability to communicate effectively with various users through different mediums. 
  • I have a great interest in IT technology and this interest would be useful especially with the future moving towards providing efficiency to organizations through IT solutions. 
  • I have great leadership skills and love a challenge. I am good with people and therefore work well with clients and other people. 

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