Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Blog Update #2

As petGRO evolves it's business model from a traditional manufacturer/ wholesaler, by eliminating the retail intermediary, customers will now be able to purchase products and services through an online store. Therefore, petGRO must dramatically change IS infrastructure to suit this change. PetGRO will use the Internet to coordinate a network of suppliers and business partners who will carry out many of the processes involved in building, distributing and supporting pet products.

  • Viruses: FedEx may be switching to apple products due to the recent wave in virus of PCs, so it may be more efficient to use apple products. Viruses are less common in Macintosh products using OS X systems because there are more computers that use Windows XP and Windows 7. But as apple products continue to increase in popularity there may be more virus’ arising. As long as safe computer protection practices such as updating software, and maintaining utility software (ex: firewall) are being done, using PCs will not be a problem.
  • Digital Divide: There needs to be a strong system of communication with our Mexican plants. There is a possible digital divide in Mexico, where apple products may not be available. Communication may be made more efficient by staying with a product that is more popular throughout these areas of the world. Therefore, PCs would be a better choice.
  • Cost: In the first two quarters, petGRO will experience a significant reduction in revenue from the amount of customers that will be lost due to switching to our competitors products when we stop providing our products in retail stores. Not only is Apple hardware more expensive, but also most existing desktops in petGRO are windows 7.  Staying with PCs will save us money especially since we will be experiencing a decrease in revenue.
  • Employee training: A large amount of time, money, and effort will be used to trying to train employees how to use this new processing system, for a majority of employees may not know how to use it. PCs will cost less in training, as more people know how to use Windows XP and 7 because they are more popular. 
Therefore, using PCs as oppose to switching to Macs would be better for petGRO.

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  1. I found your comments rather shallow and pedantic. Hmm yesss, quite.